Stoma belt Dyna

Features :
. Improves bag adherence potentially reducing leaks
. Helps improve appearance , security and peace of mind
. Reinforced with durable plastic ring
. Integrated prolapse cover provides complete support and can manage a prolapsed stoma
. Hook and loop fastening for easy fit






Dyna orthopaedic belt

Direction for use
1. Connect the AC wire into the power supply.
2. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
3. Place the orthopaedic heating belt on the affected area, Then wrap the belt and fasten the hook and loop to hold it.
4. Do not tie belt too night.
5. Adjust the regulator to the required heat level.
6. After usage switch off and unplug the orthopaedic heating belt and remove the belt.

Intended use of the product Useful for backaches,sprain,muscular and joint pains,abscesses, Rheumatoid or other arthritis, geriatric care, sore or over worked muscles.